The stages that end in relapse

Even after you’ve been through treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction, you can still be in danger of a relapse that can start the whole vicious cycle all over again. However, the best treatment centers and self-help groups will teach you a variety of techniques so you can avoid the pratfalls that lead to one of these relapses.

People who have relapsed and tried the recovery process again often report coming back for a second time is much harder. It is critical to remember relapse comes in various stages that all act as warning signs leading toward using your drug of choice again.

The first stage is emotional relapse where you might not even be thinking about using again but are setting yourself up for a fall by sinking into several emotional booby traps including mood swings, defensiveness and anger.

The second stage is called mental relapse and it is characterized by hanging around with the old friends you did when you were using and thinking more than just idly about going back to your old ways.

It’s hard to stop the relapse process once it reaches the third stage which is the physical aspect. Recovery professionals all recommend you head off any problems before they get to this point.

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