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Achieve Positivity in Life with Our Psychologists & Psychotherapists in Vaughan

Addiction RecoveryHere at Addiction Canada, we don’t compromise when it comes to the treatment options for addiction that we offer, and that means most wind up with outstanding results.

The professional psychologists that we employ in Vaughan are some of the most dedicated and respected in the field of addiction recovery. They are members of the team that provides tailored treatments to suit each individual’s addiction rehabilitation needs. We have a complete staff ready to help you get back on track to a full and enjoyable life and these experts include:

  • Doctors who specialize in treatment for addiction.
  • Non 12-Step Treatment Program.  Learn more here.
  • Psychologists who specialize in concurrent disorders.
  • Nurses that are registered and up to date.
  • Psycho-therapists who are familiar with the emotional ravages of addiction.
  • Addiction counselors that are both registered and certified.
  • Therapists that are all certified and some with their Masters.
  • Unique recovery coaches as well as specialists who work with mood management so the addiction rehabilitation is complete.
  • Counselors and therapists who understand post traumatic stress disorder and relapse prevention.
  • Other experts in life skills and spiritual health.
  • Coaches who help with personal life skills and therapists who work with crisis management.
  • Trainers for fitness, and massage therapists.
  • The finest chefs for the utmost in nutritional support for recovery.

Addiction Canada is committed to using any of these professionals in treatment for addiction at all of our facilities. Every staff member understands how important guidance is, and that’s one of their clear focuses every step of the way. Our professional psychotherapists have been involved with recovery programs themselves and bring the hands-on experience that people who have only graduated from specified programs don’t share. We insist on the highest standards in quality care from our professional staff and stand behind them to ensure you are receiving expert treatment.

We stand behind our team but ensure that the highest standards are adhered to in care for anyone’s loved one and stand firm to dismiss anyone in our employ that is not conducive to providing the very best treatment and care with ethical and practical procedures.

All About The Sober Coach

A Sober Coach is not like any of the other professionals or groups the addicted person might deal with on their path to recovery. They are themselves recovering addicts who give hope to the afflicted person and their family when everything seems lost.

A Sober Coach knows that no addict will get and stay clean and sober until they are ready and that is just what their job entails. With support, guidance, solutions and new insights, these are the people that work one on one with our clients in addiction recovery to get the kind of results we are famous for.Self discipline, willingness and honesty are three of the other critical aspects these Sober Coaches teach recovering addicts so they can enjoy sobriety that lasts and is worthwhile.

He uncovers the triggers that set an addict up for relapse and helps each of our addiction rehabilitation clients build up a recovery community they can use. The specific resources needed to help each individual are also looked after by these Sober Coaches.The Sober Coach is also there when the recovering person leaves the facility where he or she has received treatment for addiction and helps them as they transition to the temptations of the outside world.


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