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The Difference


Here at Addiction Canada, we are about addiction rehabilitation that includes putting lives and families back together so that communities get stronger. To that end, we provide excellent, individual addiction recovery options for those with alcohol and drug problems as well as the disorders they often create and mask.

Here’s just a few of the claims we are especially proud of:
National rates that are among the lowest in relapse and highest in success. Methadone treatment.
Immediate access to our facilities and financial assistance.
Different facilities to meet different needs that have all been proven effective.
Reiki and other therapies like massage, as well as specialized holistic
Addiction Rehabilitation

Our Network Difference; Selecting one of Our Centers; Drug & Alcohol Treatment; Lifestyle Counseling; Talk Therapy; Biochemical Restoration; Relapse Prevention; Family Program

The Addiction Canada Difference

Our Unique Non-12 Step Treatment Program

We at Addiction Canada feel the need to overcome the low success rates of 12 Step based programs and have developed a highly regarded non 12-Step cognitive program that not only empowers the individual in their own unique recovery program but is designed to give a solution based cognitive approach to the individual’s problems that will get to the root cause of his or hers addiction.

Substance abuse recovery with a specialized approach that’s unique

Our comprehensive addiction rehabilitation is the one for people who do more than just quit using drugs or alcohol. We’re different here because we have different locations and techniques to choose from. Remember our treatment for addiction programs cater to every need and Addiction Canada is there when finances and wait times from government treatment centres are holding you back.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Individual attention in small groups is what you’ll get when you come to Addiction Canada for our residential treatment program and there’s even the option of additional support for 10 months afterward, or for as long as needed. Experienced certified staff monitor addiction recovery for each of our patients who receive treatments including coaching and mental heath sessions, biochemical and nutrition education, natural and organic meals to name just a few.

Talk therapy is an important part of addiction recovery

Thinking is an important aspect of addiction rehabilitation and even after successful work with biochemical repair, relapse can occur when the addict believes they can safely use again. Our talk therapy model steers away from past experiences toward a shift in current thinking that helps to keep the recovering person away from substance abuse for good.

Our experienced therapists are experts at this method and our combination of different techniques only adds to the 20% success rate Talk Therapy is already known for.

Biochemical Restoration Is An Important Element of Addiction Recovery

We aim to understand the psychological effects of addiction. Our addiction rehabilitation process involves biochemical restoration that works together with talk therapy and lifestyle and emotional skills coaching. We feel here at Addiction Canada that chemical balance is essential to long term sobriety.

These biochemical imbalances fire up addictions and there are a variety of triggers including hypoglycemia and even amino acid imbalances. Our addiction rehabilitation
process finds these imbalances through thorough consultation, then establishing proper nutrition and an in house physical fitness program as ways to restore equilibrium.

Each client gets an individual plan that includes amino acid, vitamin and even hormone replacement therapy. After this aspect of addiction recovery is carried out, the patient feels much better and more fit.

There are a few symptoms that usually tell you there’s a problem with substance abuse and these include fatigue, headaches, depression and even insomnia.

Factors Triggering Relapses and Slips

Addicted people usually have very low self worth before they start any treatment for addiction and our relapse prevention program turns negative self image to the positive by helping our patients to take the necessary steps toward acceptance and self love. We also offer plans of action that will help to maintain recovery.

We’ll help you to identify those factors that can cause relapses like stress and negative emotions and we’ll even teach you how to avoid picking up again when these stressors strike. Our program also teaches people in addiction recovery present moment living techniques that reduce the chances of a slip.

Recovery and healthy living are hard work and our Relapse Prevention Program is an essential part of long term contented sobriety.

Picking A Centre

A big part of successful addiction recovery is picking the right location. From private options for those who thought it might be out of their price range to exquisite facilities with amenities to rival any resort, Addiction Canada has something to suit everyone looking for addiction rehabilitation.

From a longer stay with residential recovery to medical detoxification, you’ll start on the road to recovery as soon as you make that initial phone call.

Counseling For A New Healthy Lifestyle

Successful addiction recovery needs to have an element of lifestyle and emotional counseling.

Any kind of substance abuse ravages our relationships with others and ourselves. The resulting circle of loneliness where the addict leaves friends, family and even a higher power behind often leads back to substance abuse.

Reconnecting with all these essential people in our lives starts with emotional and lifestyle counseling as well as the introduction of support networks through our trained and eager staff. This part of our comprehensive addiction rehabilitation program teaches the addict how to foster self worth, manage stress without resorting to substance abuse, how to problem solve and make decisions and, of course, reconnect with friends and family.

E-Charting is the name we’ve given to the computerized system whereby the afflicted person and their counselors can track the progress toward these goals. It effectively charts both the strengths and weaknesses to give an overall picture of where the work needs to be done in this area.

Our Family Addiction Rehabilitation Specialists Are On Hand Too

Here at Addiction Canada, we know addiction is a family disease and that’s why we have a professional on staff that meets every week with concerned friends, family and the patients. The group setting can even be carried online so that concerned people anywhere in the country can participate in this important aspect of addiction recovery.

Areas touched on include co-dependency and blended families and the focus here is on how to rebuild the family unit. Follow ups are available in a variety of intervals up to the end of the contract.


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