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You Can Leave Substance Abuse Behind With Addiction Canada Rehab & Recovery Facilities

If you’re suffering through an addiction, you’ve landed in the right place. Here at Addiction Canada, we work with you to take away the substance abuse that’s been affecting your life. One of the things that separates us is our flexibility as one of the premier addiction recovery facilities in Ontario, Canada. We offer a number of different settings, locations and actual programs depending on your needs and financial situation. We offer focused approaches to recovery requiring time and effort and an aftercare program that involves continuous support for 10 months after the initial treatment ends. These Aftercare Programs are available almost anywhere in North America.  Because we know how important it is to give each of our patients the time they need individually, we offer small groups at each of our private rehab Toronto addiction centers extremely effective healing environment for drug addiction rehabilitation, for our clients outside Canada we have the best of phoenix in treatments, clinics and doctors for drugs and alcohol addicts.
We understand our clients need and deserve dignity and respect and that’s why our recovery process is geared to treating each of our clients with a high level of one-on-one attention so their recovery can be monitored at every step along the path to wellness. In the end, it all makes for an extremely effective healing environment for drug addiction rehabilitation.We at Addiction Canada the Private Alcohol Rehab Center who also treats underlying issues including but not limited to concurrent disorders program, Mental health issue brought about by prolonged substance abuse as well as other addictions. Our great Psych program helps those dealing with other addictions such as gambling, sex, eating disorders among others. Please note that we will always treat not only the primary addictions but also the secondary and many forefront addictions not yet discovered or properly diagnosed. Let our team help you take care of all your addiction needs and build a custom program of recovery just for you.

Here’s a few reasons why we’re considered one of the top Drug And Mental Health Rehab Centers in Canada.

 Non 12-Step Treatment Program that’s unique and exclusive to Addiction Canada.  Learn more here.

We have a 65-85% success rate (based on 60 & 90 day programs and our 10 month after-care program), a guarantee and skilled counselors who work in soothing atmospheres in our programs. Compare that with government programs and OHIP sponsored treatment centers where success rates are only 15% at best.

We’re transparent and stand beside you every step of the way. We have accredited and dedicated staff and you can read about any and all of them on our website. You’re not alone when you come to Addiction Canada. We share your goals and only when you succeed, do we do the same. Our unique approach puts our people at the forefront and we know a good support team understands everyone is different with individual needs. Remember our employees, support staff and other accredited professionals are all dedicated to doing their part to see you through to permanent recovery and a happy, fulfilled life.

About Addiction

Addiction is classified as a disease and/or a neurological disorder. Studies have clearly identified the addicted person cannot stop taking the substances making them dependent because they are sick. The confusion and frustration over addiction settles after that fact is accepted and the situation can be more effectively handled.Statistics tell us 4.5 million Canadians suffer from drug addiction. This malady can be fatal is left unchecked. The consequences for those affected include damaged relationships with family and friends, bad health, eroding values and shaky work performance. The afflicted person can also ruin their own spiritual, physical and even emotional life. According to insurance companies, addicted people live 12 years less than people who don’t abuse substances. Heart attacks, liver problems, accidents and suicide are just a few of the consequences of drug addiction.Remember addiction can be treated but not cured and that’s why people who have stopped using drugs or alcohol are called recovering and not recovered.Successful addiction recovery starts here at Addiction Canada in one of our peaceful treatment centers. We also add a holistic approach to recovery so our clients get started on the path to a healthy fulfilled life with the foundation we supply. Addiction Treatment Fees When you find one of our addiction rehabilitation locations that suits your needs, feel free to contact us to discuss the length of the program and the cost involved. Remember we are a comprehensive Canadian rehab clinic and when you sign up with us, you’ll get accommodations that include meals, a variety of sports activities to choose from and of course resources aimed towards a full permanent recovery that includes therapy and counseling sessions.
Top Notch Lodgings
When you select our top end accommodations, you’ll get a bedroom that comes complete with a personal ensuite with a Jacuzzi and a spacious living room attached. Our select center has all this and a scenic view for an additional 50% charge.
Critical Detoxification Available
One of the most important aspects of successful addiction recovery treatment starts with what’s commonly referred to as detox. Here at Addiction Canada, we provide this process that helps to alleviate the initial stages and discomfort from physical withdrawal. It’s important every afflicted individual undergoes detoxification and our detox facility is available to serve a variety of different needs for an additional fee.


Rehab works best when you make a full commitment right away. That’s why we ask you to make the full payment when you check into the treatment center that’s been mutually agreed on. You can drive to any of our locations, but if you’re flying into a local airport, we’d be only too happy to meet you there. Please be advised the fees at any and all of our addiction rehabilitation centers are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you need more information, please get in touch and we’ll be only too happy to answer any and all of your questions.Please also note that if you have secured a treatment spot with deposit and cancel there will be a 25% or Min $2,500 cancellation charge.


Recovery is a serious business requiring a steadfast dedication. As we’ve already mentioned, there are NO refunds under any circumstances. If a patient chooses to leave voluntarily or is asked to go, this policy stays in effect. We ask, therefore, that you think carefully about your level of commitment before you enter any of our programs. Remember we are completely dedicated to those who are serious about recovery and keep all discussions about our refund policy strictly confidential.Please again note the above cancellation policy also applies.

Client Dismissal

Please note that while we understand that most clients come to Addiction Canada sick and not in the right mental state to start program, we at Addiction Canada stand for the highest level of care and commitment to all in the face of this terrible disease of Addiction but also stand by our “Client Policies & Procedures as well as very strict Rules and Regulation” which are all in place for everyone’s safety and security. If a client breaches or violates our Policies & Procedures and/or our Rules and Regulations while in treatment after proper procedures will be asked to leave or dismissed from program without any refund from program fees paid. Addiction Canada stands behind and maintains these procedures to conform and continue to strive for the highest of standards in Addiction Treatment in Private Drug Rehab center in Ontario, Vaughan.

If You Need Financial Help

Being a private inpatient drug rehab centers in Vaughan & Ontario. we don’t deal with any particular insurance company or third party payer. However, we can help you through the people at Medicard


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