Some Questions And Answers About Alcoholism

Perhaps because so many people suffer from alcoholism or because alcohol has been around in our society for so long, there are many myths about the disease that occurs when you form the dependence on alcohol. Here’s a few questions and answers that should help sort through some of the myths.

Q: Is there a cure for alcoholism?

A:  Although there are differing opinions about the causes of the disease, most treatment professionals will tell you there is no cure for alcoholism, but a daily reprieve occurring when you learn how to keep the disease at bay through different treatment options.

Q: Is alcoholism inherited?

A: Although there is a lack of definite scientific proof, the disease tends to show up in families and sometimes even runs through generations. If you have an alcoholic in your family, the chances are you should be dutiful about watching for the warning signs in yourself.

If you are suffering from alcoholism yourself or have a family member who is plagued by this disease, it’s good to remember there are a variety of different treatment options including rehabilitation clinics that have outstanding track records and self-help groups with meetings in many locations on a variety of different nights.

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