What causes addiction? Here’s some of the answers

If you’re asking yourself what causes addiction, you’re not alone because many families and individuals suffer with one form or another of this crippling disease every day. If you dig a little deeper into the subject, you’ll find out the answers aren’t what you might expect.

Many people engage in the recreational use of drugs and alcohol and nothing bad ever happens, but for a select few the psychological and physical cravings and patterns form to become an addiction. The difference between a habit and addiction is clear in that habit is done by choice whereby an addiction becomes involuntary and often leads to criminal behavior and other patterns that can ruin a person’s relationships and or livelihood.

When a person continues to abuse alcohol or another substance despite the obvious consequences which can include loss of job and/or family and relationships, it becomes clear to those around them they have an addiction that might require rehabilitation in a professional clinic.

In a real way, the question what cause addiction must be answered on an individual basis because nothing can be accomplished in the way of rehabilitation until the afflicted person admits to having an issue.

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