Successful treatment of methadone dependence starts with awareness.

It’s hard to get an addict to admit they have a problem and in many cases denial is the roadblock to successful treatment of methadone dependence. Breaking down the walls that keep the person imprisoned by addiction can be a daunting challenge. Awareness is the flux that can start the whole process moving forward and this can be accomplished by an intervention.

In the past, these interventions were strict affairs whereby the addict was browbeaten by friends and family into admitting their problem. As a consequence of these excessive behaviours, many of these old fashioned interventions were doomed to failure. The addict and their friends and family often left these meetings discouraged and broken.

Today’s interventions are a different matter and work much better as an initial method for the treatment of methadone dependence. By and large the modern intervention is designed as a much more compassionate experience whereby the addict is placed in a position where confronting their issues becomes inescapable.

Successful treatment of methadone dependence starts out with a solid foundation. The chances of success are highest when the addict has a basic understanding of how their ailment has affected friends and family both.

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