How you know when you need a crack cocaine rehab?

One of the most insidious things about any kind of addiction is the fact that the harmful consequences might not be obvious to everyone around the person who is abusing drugs or alcohol. The effects of addiction are almost always devastating to the friends, family and coworkers of the person suffering first hand with the problem and here are a few sure signs someone you know needs a crack cocaine rehab.

  • Secretive behavior. When a person with an issue stops communicating with those around him and even begins to spend time with a new group of friends no one is familiar with, it could be a symptom of a drug or alcohol problem in the making. Losing a close knit group of old friends can further push somebody into an addiction.
  • Changes in Appearance. As any addiction progresses, the afflicted person stops looking after their personal hygiene as the drug of choice becomes their only focus.

Of course, in the long run, one of the largest effects of addiction is a complete change in lifestyle which includes a loss of job and or physical health. Any one of these makes it clear there’s a need for a crack cocaine rehab.

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