Some common myths about addiction

Professional drug and alcohol abuse counselors are the first to tell you there are many different myths about substance abuse. Following are a few of the more common ones and the realities that debunk them.

  • People who have an addiction are lacking in willpower. The truth of the matter is many empirical studies have shown that prolonged substance abuse creates a compulsion in the brain that can’t be overcome without some kind of outside assistance.
  • People within addiction have to hit the bottom before they can recover. With the proper information, any addict can recognize they have a substance abuse problem and turn their lives around by getting the right treatment program at any stage in their addiction.
  • Addicts can be forced into treatment by the legal system. The best results from any treatment centers are usually obtained when the afflicted person enters voluntarily. Experience has shown being forced into treatment isn’t the best possible scenario, although this method does work occasionally.

Finally, some addicted people who have failed the first time around believe treatment doesn’t work for them, but that just isn’t true. Many people with a substance abuse problem have made several attempts at recovery before becoming successful.

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