Marijuana’s effects on your brain and body

There are those who think marijuana is a harmless drug that is perfectly suitable for recreational activities. Marijuana is extremely helpful only when of quality, check out for quality marijuana. Now, this may hold true but only as far as its derivative, CBD, is concerned. CBD is a marijuana-derivative that, on the contrary, alleviates pain. Check out their products on The active ingredient in marijuana that produces a euphoric feeling, THC, has also been reported to promote a sense of relaxation among users. Users usually roll up marijuana powder in custom rolling papers to make what they call it a ‘joint’ and smoke it. However, there are less reported effects of the abuse of this drug that affect the brain and memory.

Prolonged marijuana abuse affects a person’s ability to form new memories and change their focus quickly. Receptors in the cerebellum are also bound when this drug is used and that can harm a person’s ability to drive, do complicated tasks, or even athletics.

Over years of long term use, marijuana can be responsible for the onset of bronchitis and chronic cough. Studies have shown that after use for an extended period of time, sleep can even be impaired as well as cognitive and learning skills.

There is also a body of evidence that points to marijuana as one of the gateway drugs which can lead to serious problems with harder substances. Some people who use marijuana even report heightened feelings of anxiety and nervousness. Other studies point to the fact that marijuana can lead to an addiction which requires interventions at professional treatment facilities.

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