What causes alcohol addiction ?

Family and friends as well as people suffering from alcoholism themselves have been asking the question that is the headline of this blog for a long time. Over the years that people have been studying this disease,  two different camps seems to have evolved.

There are those who believe that alcoholism is a hereditary disease. These are the folks who say it if you take a drink  alcohol you’ll be activating the gene inside your body that triggers alcoholism. It points to the proof that alcoholism is a factor in many different family groups and if you have a relative who drinks too much you stand a good chance of becoming alcoholic if you drink yourself.

The other group who attempts to answer the question, what causes alcohol addiction?, feel that there are many environmental factors that need to be considered as well. These are the folks that feel that a bad childhood or some traumatic event later in life can start people drinking in the kind way that leads to alcoholism.

Regardless of which side of that argument you feel that you’re on, it’s important to remember there are many accredited alcohol treatment centers they can help you turn your life around if you drink too much presently.

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