Treatments for substance abuse often start with an intervention

This is one of the methods that has been used for many years by councillors as part of an effective arsenal in treatments for substance abuse. Interventions rest on the premise that most addicts don’t really understand the effect their addiction has on other people around them and especially their family members.

The best centre will have  a staff that  understands  how to coach family and friends on pre intervention preparation so they’ll have a full understanding about their part in getting the addicted person on the path to recovery.

It’s important to challenge the denial process here since that is often one of the walls that addicts keep around themselves to protect their addictions. At the initial stage the person who most needs treatments for substance abuse will be rationalizing the destructive behaviour that keeps them using.

Only after that wall gets broken down using an intervention is the person ready to get all they can from treatment. The premise here is that facing the destruction of the family unit and the loss of what were once dear friendships will  be the catalyst to put them on the pathway to a new life.

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