Treatment for addiction to Opium and The Sober Coach

Treatment for addiction to Opium and The Sober Coach 

Who better than a fellow addict who’s been through treatment for addiction to opium to guide one of his fellows through the process? That’s the question some of the more professional treatment centers asked themselves when they came up with the concept of the Sober Coach.

These trusted partners in the recovery process offer guidance and support to people suffering through opium addiction. Not only do these dedicated helpers work tirelessly to get their charges through the programs at treatment clinics, they quite often help the afflicted people to transition to life on the outside world once the procedures are finished.

The Sober Coach understands how the addict thinks like no other and can be a good complement to the licensed counseling professionals that professional treatment centers for opium addiction employ.

Because they have been successful in the recovery process themselves they act as an invaluable beacon to recovering addicts who are striving to obtain and keep a fulfilling sober lifestyle.

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