The substance abuse facility and triggers

You’ll learn all about triggers when you’re in recovery and what to do when you’ve finished treatment and these rear their ugly heads. The best substance abuse facility will help you understand and steer clear of the situations you need to including:

  • Hanging out with the people that got you in trouble in the first place. Remember that those old friends who are still doing drugs more than likely won’t accept the fact that you’ve quit so they can entice you back to that lifestyle.
  • Avoiding the places where you used. Bars and other nightclubs should be off limits unless you have a legitimate reason for going and even then most professionals say that you should keep away. These are the places that can easily lead to a relapse.
  • Be careful with prescription drugs. Although these have been given by the medical world and generally alleviate pain, they also have a variety of addictive qualities.

Avoiding these and other triggers is only the first step to a long term contented sobriety. Any substance abuse facility will tell you that aftercare is equally as important and you need to follow up after in house  treatment finishes.

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