The Brain Fix for Addiction Recovery

The Pain Brain

Several brain areas are involved in pain, mood and sleep. Similar in addiction although different brain areas depending on type of addiction. This is why these people also have chronic insomnia, and usually depression, this why going to an addiction recovery center is key to helping overcome these issues.

Idea is to fix/reduce the bad (noxious) input from structural damaged areas and  general body inflammation while at the same time fix the brain. This is the critical part fixing the brain!

Fixing the brain means restoring healthy rhythms and connections. For that to happen, neurotransmitter levels must normalize, i.e. Dopamine, serotonin, gaba, glutamine, endorphins and encephalins and more…

Whats interesting is mindfulness relaxation does several important functions…

  • 1. Reduces inflammation , lowers cortisol and increases growth hormone
  • 2. Boosts endorphins and serotonin – helps pain, mood and sleep along with addiction
  • 3. stabilizes brain rhythm and helps synchronicity

Other factors-Sick Brain and Body

Concept is most brains and bodies are in poor nutritional state with high levels inflammation and low level growth hormone. Improving general and brain health helps all therapies have a much higher probability to help.


Common Missing/excessive nutrients:

  • 1. Vitamin D3 – low,  major problem  easily tested and fixed
  • 2. Low Omega 3 – critical for brain  health and lowering body inflammation
  • 3. Lack fruit and vegetable consumption – increases inflammation, oxidative stress especially in brain
  • 4. Too much sugar – causes inflammation, weight gain

Sample of some Genetic/Epigentic Problems:

  • 1) Poor methylators folate/B12 – common in 33% of population, causes depression, anxiety, chronic pain, addiction, poor heavy metal / toxin removal.
    Big problem difficult to get well without treating, easily found and treated
  • 2) Mineral problems: zinc, copper, magnesium – causes depression, anxiety, chronic pain, addiction, poor heavy metal / toxin removal!
    Common can be tested, and treated.
  • 3) mitochondrial dysfunction – can be genetic and acquired, major cause inflammation body, brain.
    Causes depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and is somewhat testable but is treatable.


  • 1. Head injury – very common damage structures cause chronic pain, poor cognition, bad memory, depression, anger anxiety, insomnia addiction PTSD and more.
    In the chronic pain world we found up to 50% of our female patients were battered women.
    Treatment challenging.
  • 2. Psychological trauma – can produce similar.
    Brain changes and problems.

Other Common Problems

  • 1. leaky gut – causes body and brain inflammation, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases, arthritis all kinds, addiction?
    Testable and treatable
  • 2. Delayed Food Reactions – inflammation body and brain, headaches, migraines, chronic pain, arthritis.
    Very common, takes some effort treatable with avoidance of the offending foods.
  • 3. dysbiosis – abnormal or missing probiotic bacteria gut , very common, chronic pain, inflammation, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety and insomnia.
    Testable ?
    Treatable yes.
  • 4. heavy metals/toxin overload – inflammation body brain,  Disrupts brain function, chronic pain, headaches, migraines.
    Testable sort of Treatable yes.
  • 5) Over medicated – Big problem , side effects, addiction, chronic pain, weight gain

The Good News

You don’t have to fix everything. Fixing just a few problems can still improve results drastically!

Clinically useful Diagnostic for Brain

Qeeg – brain waves 3d patterns, can measure treatments in real time! This helps one design custom program for the individual.

Other Treatments

AVE – audiovisual entrainment, helps brain rhytm and synchronicty, good for pain, sleep, pain, cognition, addiction.
CES – cranial electrical stimulation, for pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety, addiction.

For more useful and similar info, come back to Addiction Canada often and read our blog section.


Authority for Addiction Canada is Dr. Paul Anderson M.D., D.A.A.P.M.
CEO of Dr. Paul’s Naturals
Natural products and treatments for Arthritis, Pain Relief, Depression, Weight Loss and Insomnia.


  • Doctor of Medicine
  • University of Toronto Bachelor of Science with Honors
  • University of Toronto (full scholarship)

Professional Licenses and Designations

  • California Medical
  • Ontario Medical
  • Multi-Disciplinary Pain Specialist from American Academy of Pain Designation Management

Post-Graduate Training

  • Diplomat of Chronic Pain, American Academy of Pain Management
  • Six year sports medicine clinical training and research in conjunction with the Toronto Maple Leafs, a National Hockey League team and Dr. David Hastings, Orthopedic Surgeon


  • Researching and developing natural remedies and treatments for chronic pain and arthritis
  • Developed Pain-Relief-4-Life program
  • Formulated natural pain relief supplement DT Amino Drink
  • Formulated natural sleep supplement NT Amino Drink
  • Formulated a mood and weight loss chocolate IsaDelight Super-Healthy Chocolate
  • Formulated Healthy Joint Supplement

Other current roles

Medical Director

  • Natural Pain Relief Centers Canada
  • Non-narcotic integrated pain treatment

Founder and Researcher

  • Pain-4-Life-Relief Program – all natural chronic pain program

Medical Director and Owner

  • Headache and Pain Relief Center, Toronto
  • The largest integrated pain clinic in Canada

Director of Physical Medicine

  • Whiplash and Headache Clinic Inc

Private Practice

  • Sports and General Rehabilitation Medicine
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