MDMA addiction needs a well rounded recovery approach

MDMA is better known as ecstasy and this substance finds itself categorized among the emerging list of club drugs that are growing in popularity. Toronto, Canada MDMA addiction recovery efforts are successful when they take a fully rounded comprehensive approach.

They need to start by being aware of the harmful effects of ecstasy abuse. Among the short term effects that linger after doses are stopped for up to one week include anxiety and aggression. If the afflicted person continues over longer periods of time, more severe side effects like muscle cramping and blurred vision can be the results. Some studies point to the fact there is a possibility of serotonin damage in humans although these findings need more research before they are accepted.

One of the other dangers is MDMA can be viewed as a gateway drug that can lead users to harder substances that cause more damage. The path to recovery has several stages but the first is a recognition that the problem exists. After an intervention involving professionals at Toronto, Canada MDMA addiction recovery clinics, the patent may be placed in a program stressing new life skills that steer them clear of the triggers that could facilitate a relapse.

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