If you can check these boxes off, you need drug help

Living with an addiction can mean a ruined life or, in the worst case scenario, death. Experts in the field of recovery say that if you think you need drug help you more than likely do and they’ve formulated a series of warning signs that you can check off to see if you actually have a problem with drugs or alcohol.

  • You drink or use more than you originally intended. Finishing the bottle off when you only intended to have a few drinks is a clear indication that you might have a problem. Any excessive behavior when it comes to drugs or alcohol is a red flag you might need some kind of drug help.
  • Unplanned or unexpected absences from work. When you start taking time off and blaming it on something other than substance abuse, you’re a prime candidate for treatment and any kind of drug help that will put you back on the straight and narrow.

Getting drug help is an important step in regaining a normal lifestyle. However, denial is a strong motivator that keeps people in an addictive cycle when they need to break free, so you need to be aware of some of the indicators that you have a problem.

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