Here’s what the statistics on addiction tell us

Because it has become such a big problem over several years in our society, many different governments are keeping statistics on addiction so people in the treatment business and others can get a full overview of what the trends are and how to help people the most.

These numbers tell us the cost of addiction is in the billions of dollars in healthcare and economic factors relating to employment and lost time, and also reflect an increase in a number of other abuse related issues. Although some research finds that only 9.2% of the population has abused or used some kind of illicit drug, there is a rising need among prescription drug users for the right kind of treatment facilities so they can put their lives back on course.

The numbers also reflect a spike in hemp flower marijuana use which has risen since 2008 and remains one of the most commonly used illicit drugs. Statistics on addiction tell us a general awareness would be best for the prevention of the terrible consequences of the abuse of illicit and/or other substances like alcohol. Changes in behavior and dropping attendance records at school or work are two of the red flags that need to be addressed.

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