Here’s a few interesting heroin rehab Toronto statistics you need to know

Heroin is still one of the drugs that is most recognizable as a dangerous substance that can kill you. This is the drug that is synthesized from the opiate morphine and many experts in the field are now seeing a link between the misuse of prescription drugs and this deadly street variety.

Statistics as recent as 2011 point to the sobering fact that 4.2 million Americans aged 12 or over admitted to using heroin at least once. Up to 23% of the people who use this substance find themselves addicted to it and in need of a heroin rehab Toronto facility. It’s important to keep in mind, not all treatment facilities that help those struggling with addiction and substance abuse are created equal.

Finding the right heroin rehab Toronto facility is about understanding the best recovery approach is holistic and will encompass both the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the addiction.

Heroin can be injected, sniffed, snorted or inhaled. Because many people who are in need of a heroin rehab Toronto facility inject the drug, they also leave themselves open to a variety of other health issues like HIV.

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