Drug Rehab Treatment Centre and Recovery Phases

So what is a rehab? Let us walk you through the general process when a patient enters a drug rehab treatment centre. Visit drug rehab Bali, website to gather more information on how to recover.

There is no quick and easy way to sober life. We always remind people that line when they seemed to be giving up. Usually this hesitation comes after a patient faces challenges along the way while treatment is ongoing or after a treatment is done.

According to study published in US national Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health with a title Treatment barriers identified by substance abusers assessed at a centralized intake unit by R. Rapp, et al., there are several factors that may affect treatment or the first step in seeking a drug rehab treatment centre’s help. It may include the person’s lifestyle, the type of substance abuse treatment system, financial concerns, bad previous treatment experiences, embarrassment, and fear among others.

Other reasons pointed out by practitioners include:

  • Denial of the addiction
  • Negative attitude towards drug rehab treatment centres
  • Secrecy and unwillingness to divulge the extent of one’s drug dependence
  • Non-participation to the treatment
  • Lack of aftercare leading to relapse

Drug rehab treatment centre and the phases of recovery

The very first step is often the hardest to take when doing a big move for your life. And it’s even a huge leap when we’re talking about drug rehab and treatment. We have here common process or general steps that every person with substance use problem may undergo. You can get detox at Wish and professional help to recover your life.

#1 Acknowledgement and Assessment

The first step begins with one’s acknowledge that he or she needs help and addiction is a disease. This honesty is the biggest leap one can take and may be the biggest barrier of all. After the acknowledgement, the assessment of the extent of the addiction will be done the drug rehab treatment centre.

What usually takes place during the assessment is the basics: medical assessment, physical as well as psychological one is implemented. This is where the treatment approach will anchor its options later.

#2 Consideration and options

This is where the action starts. A person with addiction will be presented choices based on the needs he or she has.  This is where awareness of the impact of addiction starts. Planning then takes place.

#3 Exploring recovery

In the third part, one will be exploring options and will be taking the small steps to throw away addiction. This is where real recovery really begins and it usually thrives well with recovery support. This is where education happens as well as other supporting approaches like pharmacological and behavioral therapies are implemented to full extent, like outpatient drug addiction treatment. Usually at this stage is where a drug dependent individual may opt to enter a drug rehab treatment centre. Here are the non 12 step treatment program.

#4 Early recovery

Although this is a sweet stage, it is also a critical one. It proves to be a vulnerable stage wherein a relapse may happen. Rebuilding damaged relationships and building healthy habits is the most important step here. if you are still thinking about going to rehab, here is what to expect when you get there for help.

#5 Active recovery

This is where full recovery may happen. The progress though comes with awareness that one needs to do this and make it work for the rest of their lives.

Although recovery from drug addiction maybe long and winding than the process we mentioned, we are still on the belief that drug addiction is treatable and will not always be too late.

With facilities in four noted locations across Canada, Addiction Canada can help you choose the drug treatment process for your needs through their toll free number 1.866.220.6151. We also recommend visiting this site for more information about recovery centers near you.

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