Addiction Canada statistics are helpful.

Sometimes if you’re sitting on the fence and you don’t really know whether you have an addiction or not but think that you might, searching out relevant  addiction Canada statistics can help you to make the right decision. Remember, for instance, that research shows that one in five Canadians has a mental health or addiction problem.

The same research shows that 20% of people with a substance abuse issue also have mental health issues. For at least some of these people, understanding the triggers that can set them off is a great way to be proactive.

For example, it’s important for these people who are at risk to understand that hostility, resentment and anger play a central role in driving people back to the bottle. There have even been some findings that include addiction Canada statistics that point to the fact that there could very well be a biochemical change that accompanies anger.

There have even been many instances in different countries where the relationship has been pointed out between drinking and violent acts like homicide. Taking a look at the entire package of addiction Canada statistics can give you a clear picture of the substance abuse triggers and red flags you need to watch out for.

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