Addiction Canada complaints about addictions

Even the people suffering from them understand that having an addiction can ruin someone’s life and happiness as well as the peace of mind of everyone around them. Some of the organizations that deal with these folks have amassed some of the biggest addiction Canada complaints that those suffering have shared. These include:

  • Lack of self control. Addicts lack the will to stop on their own and that lack of self control eventually starts to affect other aspects of their lives like personal hygiene  and relationships.  At the top of many addiction Canada complaints lists from the addicts themselves is this lack of self control that’s at the centre of all of their other issues.
  • Treatment of friends and relatives. These addiction Canada complaints also come from the relatives of the people who are afflicted. The experts say that alcoholism is a family disease and no where is that more true than with the close relatives of a drinker who often suffer so much they need to get into treatment themselves.

Addiction Canada complaints about addiction may take on different guises but they all spell out the need for treatment.

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