Here’s a few warning signs someone you know may be abusing alcohol

Some experts say there’s a difference between alcohol abuse and alcoholism, although both are harmful. However, there are some red flags in the behaviour of the person you suspect might have this common issue.

Neglected responsibilities are one sure sign someone who drinks may have a problem. This goes for repeated absences from work and missed homework assignments too. People with alcohol abuse issues also miss social engagements and other signs include neglected children or failing grades in school.

Alcohol abuse is commonly thought of as the first step on the road towards alcoholism. While people abusing this substance can generally stop, once it’s progressed into alcoholism, some sort of intervention and treatment program is required.

A litany of legal problems is another sign the person you are concerned about might have an issue with alcohol. Arrests for driving while impaired, as well as minor offenses like drunk and disorderly or fighting in public are common with somebody who is traveling down this path.

People who continue to drink in dangerous situations can also have a problem. Operating heavy machinery under the influence, drinking with people in threatening situations and mixing prescription medications with alcohol are all examples of warning signs that loved ones and friends should pay attention to.

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