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Drug & Alcohol Rehab/Recovery Centre in Utopia Ontario

Addiction Canada’s “Recovery Academy” – The first of its kind in Canada, A Recovery Learning Academy……Where you actually apply to be a student of learning at our Recovery Academy with one of our 3 courses offered.
We bring the concept of going back to school and learning the skill of living life on life terms and actually graduating with the skills you will need to apply in the real world and your new journey. This new concept is designed to aid those serious about learning recovery and is ONLY for those that are serious about learning skills and living designs.
You will apply to be a student/client of the Recovery Academy to one of 3 courses we offer, you will be assessed and we will recommend the program that will best suit your needs. Your course is lead by some of the industry’s leading professionals in Addiction studies and recovery life skills as well as using Addiction Psychology to assess each student. Each Student/client will be assigned a primary addiction tutor for your course one on ones that are required and mandated to guarantee your success.
All programs will include 12 months of follow up and after-care guidance and consulting.
Our 2 and 3 month courses come with guarantee upon graduation that will ensure your success in you new life journey.
Come attend the Recovery Academy by Addiction Canada where life matters and is something you will learn and become qualified to succeed.
*****Please note that our Recovery Academy is not to be confused with our Addiction Rehab centres of which we have 3 others to choose from******


**** THE FIRST OF ITS KIND IN CANADA**** The Addiction Canada Recovery Academy – The very first of its kind in Canada……The brand new “Recovery Academy” Where you will sign up to take a full course of recovery from addictions. We believe that learning to live again is a required skill much like going back to the school of life and the ability of achievement of starting a new life! You can apply to become a student of learning not only in a recovery program, where you will graduate with a certificate but also expand on a new venture in life with our Life Skills Module part of every course. You can apply to any one of our 3 programs offered. Your courses are lead by some of the industry’s leading professionals, we take recovery to the new heights and success for the future of every one of our graduates. An elite facility is where you will attend while learning at the academy where you will also be able to take part in activities and meetings as well as work on yourself. Addiction Canada Recovery Academy where your key to a new future starts here.

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